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Welcome to Indre Mission

Welcome to Denmark and Indre Mission

Indre Mission is a Danish Christian movement. Learn more about us here. You will find our contact information to the right.

The Danish Church and Indre Mission

Indre Mission is an independent Lutheran revival movement within our Evangelical Lutheran Church. The name Indre Mission means “home mission”.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark dates back to Christian mission 1,200 years ago. The church became Lutheran in 1536. Most Danes are baptized and members of the church, even though few members are actively involved in their local congregation.

Several times in history, revivals have brought spiritual life to our church. The historical roots of Indre Mission date back to revivals in the 1800’s. Indre Mission was founded in 1861. It is a church-based movement and is still the largest revival movement within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. Local pastors and laypeople work together in many places. Our aim is to preach and share the Gospel and to build fellowship among believers. We emphasize the importance of the Bible as the Word of God and the Lutheran understanding of the sacraments.

What Indre Mission does


In many small and big towns, Indre Mission has meeting houses (called missionshuse, or mission houses), where Christians meet during the week for bible study, preaching and fellowship. There are programs for children, teenagers, adults and elderly people, as well as gatherings where all groups meet. On Sundays, the Christians attend local churches. In some places, migrant churches meet for their Sunday service in a local mission house.


Indre Mission has a large number of evangelistic and other programs for teenagers, youth (Indre Missions Ungdom, IMU), families, single people and other groups. During the summer season, Indre Mission offers a number of bible camps, combining preaching and Christian fellowship with vacation.

Indre Mission publishes a magazine every other week called impuls, which has a preaching, educational and informational function.

Income-generating activities

Indre Mission owns a number of income-generating activities, which are located in the Central Office in Fredericia:

Indre Mission also owns Hotel Hebron in Copenhagen and a three-star camping site in southeast Jutland, Mørkholt Strandcamping.

Schools and education

Indre Mission has a partnership with Christian boarding schools that provide education for 8th – 10th grade (secondary school).

Indre Mission also runs a Bible School in the town of Børkop, offering Bible-based education and leadership training through programs of one week or five months - see Indre Missions Bibelskole.

Sunday School for children

Indre Mission works together with The Danish Lutheran Sunday School Association, DFS, on Sunday Schools, clubs and summer camps for children.

In several towns, children of refugees and immigrants have joined the clubs. DFS staff workers are ready to advise and assist migrant churches with Sunday School work in their new Danish context and language (see soendagsskoler.dk).

Indre Mission for refugees, migrants and immigrants

Indre Mission wishes to share the gospel across cultures. Our local fellowships reach out to refugees and immigrants in a number of towns and cities.

We invite you to join our Christian fellowships and to participate in our programs and activities, whether you wish to know more about Christian faith or you already are a Christian.

Please find local contacts here

If you wish to join a local Christian fellowship, please contact Krista Rosenlund Bellows or Indre Mission’s Central Office. We will connect you with local Christians in your region.

We offer Danish language training and fellowship at International Christian Center (IKC) in both Copenhagen and Aarhus. For other possibilities, please contact Krista Rosenlund Bellows.

If you are a migrant church in need of inspiration for Sunday School, please contact The Danish Lutheran Sunday School Association (DFS).

For teenagers and young people, Indre Mission’s Youth movement, IMU, offers fellowship, bible study, summer camps and much more.

If you need school education at 8th – 10th grade level, Indre Mission provides contact to Christian boarding schools that offer school education in a Christian atmosphere and provide Christian alternatives to secular day schools. Christian boarding schools introduce teenagers to good quality education and lifelong friendships with other young people. Please contact Indre Mission’s Central Office for further information.

Indre Mission joins with other Christian organizations to offer intercultural Christian summer camps each July. All are welcome! Please contact Krista Rosenlund Bellows to find a summer camp near where you live.

Indre Mission and DFS have many volunteer staff workers and more than 100 paid field and administrative staff workers. Indre Mission is funded by support from individuals, income from second-hand shops: imgenbrug.dk, and from other sources.


imta.dk is the website for Indre Mission’s intercultural work.

Indre Mission is an independent revival movement within the Danish Lutheran church. www.lutheranchurch.dk is an introduction in English to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark.

tvaerkulturelt-center.dk is a network forum for congregations and Christian organizations working with immigrants, migrants and refugees. Indre Mission is a member.

Contact us

Indre Mission’s Central Office

Email: post(at)indremission.dk
Telephone: +45 75926100

Postal address
Indre Mission 
Korskærvej 25 
7000 Fredericia 

Sunday School for children

Web: soendagsskoler.dk 
Email: kontakt(at)soendagsskoler.dk 
Telephone: +45 82271216

Indre Mission’s Youth, IMU

Web: imu.dk 
Email: imu(at)imu.dk 
Telephone: +45 8227 1211.

Indre Mission’s national intercultural work

Web: imta.dk 
Email: Krista Rosenlund Bellows at konsulent(at)imta.dk 
Telephone: +45 21313455

New in Copenhagen?

For information about Danish language training, support in legal matters and Christian fellowship at International Christian Center, IKC, please contact IKC-leader Mika Bak-Skovenborg at ikc(at)ikcenter.dk or telephone +45 33325939.

Postal address: 
Rømersgade 17
1362 København K.

See also ikcenter.dk.

New in Aarhus?

For information about Danish language training and fellowship at International Christian Center, IKC, please contact IKC-leader Peter Mikkelsen at peter(at)ikcenter.dk or telephone +45 61789988.

Postal adress: 
Vejlby Centervej 46
8240 Risskov

See also imta.dk.

Indre Mission
Korskærvej 25
7000 Fredericia
T: 75 92 61 00
E: post@indremission.dk

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